Fireworks and travelling around

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I have not done an update in a while. Sorry. Here is something random:

Since the Marriage of Figaro I have been in to London a bunch of times. The most recent was on Friday to meet Robin and Beckie for supper and fireworks back in Reading. I went to London last weekend too, with my dad for a change, and we visited Foyles, Borders, Blackwells (well I popped in there briefly while dad was still in Foyles, in search of a particular book by Barron on Electronics I could not find elsewhere and ended up not getting but did end up getting yet another one in Waterstones instead), and Waterstones. We went to Wagamama afterwards in Covent Garden. I have in the past few days discovered that the Yellow River Cafe in Reading do something similar to the famous Wagamama 42. There is also now another Starbucks in Reading but this time in the town centre. I walked in and said I would be living there.

That weekend we went to London (on Sunday 26th October at least I presume) was the latter part of the same weekend that I went to visit Tom in Congleton and ended up getting screwed over again by Virgin Trains. We saw Finding Nemo in Macclesfield and I was introduced to a very nice country pub which does great Greek Salads and real coffee.

This weekend we had some fireworks in Reading with Hannah and Joe Wrigley and Robin and Beckie along with the rest of my family. I went half way to Brighton with Robin and had some very nice pasta on Friday night. I also got my Birthday present a little over a month early since I had already guessed from the clues that I should check before buying books and that I had a boxed set coming, Hannah and Joe Wrigley bought me a copy of Volumes 1-3 of The Art Of Computer Programming. We had older editions somewhere but they are not handy and this set means that I can start reading the stuff on algorithms I have been wanting to look at.

I have been reading the Understanding The Linux Kernel book again because I need to fix a bug in mmap which seems to have been introduced in the stuff that I am doing and therefore necessitates that I really understand exactly how the memory management layer does in fact work. :-) . I am also nearly finished on the Michael Moore Stupid White Men book which I picked up in the trip that I mentioned to bookshops in London.

I was in Cambridge at some point recently too and saw Kill Bill. That is an interesting film if you like that kind of thing. Whatever you do remember that Cabin Fever is one of those films which one finds funny for the wrong reasons. I am going to be in Cambridge this coming Thursday and having another driving lesson on Friday. Did I mention I am now finally learning to drive cars on road? I had my first lesson last week and was so impressed with the instructor that I booked 5 more with BSM.

I am writing a review of Star Office and working on a feature on Embedded Linux so welcome any input from people who randomly happen upon this page. I met a Gentoo Linux user on a train a couple of weeks ago and a Doctor who uses Linux too. The other evening I bumped in to another person reading a Michael Moore book and he told me he writes IOS Packet Forwarding code for Cisco.


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