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I bought a copy of Safari in Classics and Safari in Classics 2 by Dave Loew having met him in W H Smiths in Reading yesterday. This was an impulse buy with a difference – the guy rules as far as his music is concerned. Very very very good.

I went to Cambridge on Thursday and saw Matrix Revolutions with friends. The film was interesting in that I am not really able to describe any particular ending nor deduce any great higher meaning from it. Did I miss something or is it that the film does not contain all of the answers fans have been seeking for several years? :-) .

I think I am starting to finally understand slab allocation, the buddy memory system and virtual memory allocation in Linux. It is one thing to read about these things and quite another to sit in Starbucks for hours pouring over the code discussion in the book. I have been having my regular grapes and smoothie from Marks and Spencer or Tesco when the former is not available but have also started eating a lot more figs. I really like figs. I eat these things while sitting in various coffee houses pondering or reading whatever book I feel a need to read.

I have now had two driving lessons and drove in to Oxford City centre for the first time the other day. I think it will take some time though I hope to eventually be able to drive when it is not practical to travel by train. I still like travelling by train for the time and meeting of people.
For example most people seem to agree driving in to London is best done when train travel is somehow an issue.

On Tuesday I am planning to go to an Apple talk on Mac OS X UNIX. I really quite look forward to that. In the mean time I am attempting to make progress with my article on Embedded Systems and Star Office review.


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