[TV] “Days that changed the world”

[ from the manhatten-project dept. ]

I just watched a programme on BBC2 about the Manhatten Project and have decided to buy the book by the man who directed the project – Leslie M. Groves: Now It Can Be Told.

“ If after this war a situation is allowed to develop in the world which permits rival powers to be in uncontrolled possession of these new means of destruction, the cities of the United States as well as the cities of other nations will be in continuous danger of sudden annihilation. All the resources of the United States, moral and material, may have to be mobilized to prevent the advent of such a world situation. Its prevention is at present the solemn responsibility of the United States–singled out by virtue of her lead in the field of atomic power.” — Petition to the President of the United States by Scientists at the Chicago Metallurgical Laborartory (in which they ask for no bomb to be dropped on Japan). Quote taken from http://www.virtualology.com/MANHATTENPROJECT.COM/.

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