Tidying Stuff

[ from the cleaning-up-the-room dept. ]

Well I finally did tidy up this stuff which I have been putting off sorting properly since about 1998 (although some of the material dates back to 1995 and 1996 to 1997. Mostly that is old Brookes stuff and associated very old Train Timetables which I probably knew about but did not tidy up earlier). I figured it was about ready to be fixed.

8 black bags and a folded removal box later and a large chunk of this room has been reclaimed for some space. I now have room to setup an electronics corner for random experimentation. Later today I need to pick up some bits and pieces from Maplin but I finally started to sort this crud out.

I now have too many remixes of Alphaville – Forever Young – but if you know of extremely rare live recordings suitably techno remixed please pipe up!


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