[ from the er-um dept. ]

I downloaded the latest source for the ITE8212 Linux driver and started taking a look at the code. I need to learn a lot about how IDE devices fit in with the block layer in 2.6. Still with comments like “Fixed: Use kmalloc() and kfree() to allocate the buffer instead of automatic variables (use stack). The stack size is limited in kernel space.” and “First “dma thing doesn’t work” version.” I am reasonably confident that there is a lot of room for even me to improve what is already there. The driver as is seems to have been very hacked together and I am not so sure about the amount of testing which actually happened…I would not trust this driver.

However a bunch of people want me to see if I can do something to help and I do need to write a Compact Flash driver at work anyway so…

Catch you all later.


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