LUGs and other miscellany

[ from the visiting-nottingham-again-today dept. ]

Photos: Hants LUG meeting Saturday on 06/03/2004 and SCLUG meeting on Wednesday 10/03/2004.

I spent most of last Saturday afternoon in Winchester, and had supper with Gran before I got a late train back to Reading. My reading at the moment is mostly focussed on various pocket guides to electronics and so I was studying schmitt triggers and positive feedback on the train. Over the weekend I completed my writeup of FOSDEM 2004 for the magazine and worked on this month’s embedded column too. I wrote a simple LCD interfacing utility for a hardware piece and played around with
LCDproc. I think I need to get some bigger displays with different chipsets so that I can do some rough and ready graphics with them. Also need to start work on nagbot soon.

On Wednesday evening I went to the SCLUG meeting in the evening and discovered that there is a Zizzi restaurant in Reading now. I often have pizza in their other branches and have grown quite fond of olives as a starter, with a Del Contadino or similar based main course (perhaps with a little customisation), and some Earl Grey tea with some biscotti. Hopefully tonight I will be going to either Zizzi or Wagamama.

I setup a stats page for #emdebian on and also for other channels which I am on. This duplicates a few other stats and is mostly for me in the latter case but the Debian one should prove useful for anyone trying to see what kind of cruft we are talking about there.

Trying to get an Embedded Debian meeting sorted out in Cambridge sometime over the next few weeks and sorting out stuff like the Expo (one of the guys I met at FOSDEM is hopefully staying with us and that is pretty cool) as well as my trip to CeBIT next weekend in Hannover with jok.


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