Nottingham visit

[ from the nearly-three-months-between-visits-is-slightly-scary dept. ]

Birmingham and Nottingham 12/03/2004

Photo: Old Market Square Nottingham 13/03/2004.

Music: Alphaville – Forever Young (Special Extended Mix).

I visited Hannah and Joe in Birmingham on Friday afternoon and had some coffee in Starbucks at the Bullring in a reasonable Borders bookshop, where I also bought The Little Book Of Management Bollocks. One of the guys at work bought this recently and has some inspirational phrases which necessitates that I own this book too. This is the Borders I like to go to when in Birmingham as their Computing and Humour sections are not bad.

On Friday evening I travelled to Nottingham and had some excellent home cooked Japanese noodles with Robin and Beckie. We played a game I had never heard of and then some scrabble which was pretty fun. On Saturday morning I played the Lord of The Rings Risk game and learned that they charge extra for an addon board with Mordor and the tree people characters (see that happens to be known as profiteering on the part of games companies) – and I also happened to lose, but then I always lose in Risk against these guys.
Perhaps I should buy some board games for playing more at home.

On Saturday afternoon we went in to the city centre and had lunch at Zizzi. This Zizzi is very pleasant as it is mostly underground and has made the clay oven a focal point for visitors. We also went to Waterstones for some Costa coffee prior to a little wondering around the various books. I arranged to meet up with some people in the evening a little impromputually and then returned home via London.


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