A walk along the Thames Path in Oxford

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Photo: Trout Inn at Wolvercote, which is in Oxford (famous from Inspector Morse).

Yesterday I went for a walk with Hannah and Joe and my younger sister, along the Thames Path in Oxford. We arrived in Oxford by train and joined the river at the station in order to give a good 3-4 mile walk to the Trout. We had lunch at the Trout and walked back, stopping at the Perch (where we played chess on a giant board) for soft drink refreshment. Certainly this was an excellent outing, because not only was the weather enjoyable, but also we saw cattle grazing along the route, dogs running randomly in the river, horses running around too, and many other relaxing things of that nature. A good day for a good trip along the Thames. I now need to hire a narrowboat with some friends and journey along the river.

Photo: Jon Masters, in University Parks Oxford.

I went for a walk around University Parks on Thursday evening, and then decided to go to oxgo for a quick game on the way home. I met a couple of guys from Codemasters and had an enjoyable learning experience with a 6 Kyu player, and met a player with a rating of 4 Dan.

I bought the latest issue of the venerable Elektor Electronics only to find that they have restyled the content and tried to do a typical makeover in the aid of helping more people to get in to the magazine (i.e. to push up revenue one would imagine). Fortunately this has not been too determental to content and I actually found a couple of good items in this edition touching upon ATAPI interfacing and other random stuff. AMT now do a new “Chai Steamer” beverage which is quite an enjoyable alternative to a latte.


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    I’m glad you enjoyed the Chai Steamer, Jon- happens to be my favourite.

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