A walk along the Thames Path in Oxford

[ from the not-a-duplicate-story dept. ]

I went for a walk along the Thames Path in Oxford, Chai Steamer in hand, until I arrived at the Trout Inn in time to read some of my book before some soup refreshment, some juice, and of course tea. I have decided that this walk to Wolvercote is a good way to exercise and then have food.

I sat by the river for a while, after dropping a glass from the end of a bench table that had been left by another customer (which they cleared up straight away), and read about Partial Fractions while drinking a juice. When the air become slightly more fresh, I ventured inside and ordered a chicken cockaleeky soup with some more juice and later some tea.

A pleasant place to watch peacocks and read a book.

When I returned home, I wanted to read more than I did but I settled for a few paragraphs from a book on Fourier Transforms for students. I would prefer to understand Fourier Analysis and Synthesis more than I do, but a hope is that I can over time master these topics.


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