Visiting DENX in Munich

Photo: Odeon Square in Munich.

I’m in Munich for a long weekend visting DENX and investigating what this major European City has to offer in the way of tourism. It’s been pretty interesting so far – I enjoyed finally meeting wd in person and think their new offices are pretty cool and cosy. Thursday was spent flying out from London Heathrow, meeting Wolfgang & co., and then having a few drinks in the evening too.

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the Siemens Forum (site doesn’t render well in Firefox browsers – a shame for a technology company site). I’ve been geocaching already (last night) – Ludwigs-Apotheke / Ludwigs-Pharmacy and bought some more gloves (having left my main light pair at home). There’s skating here too, but today I must do some writing – right after a quick visit to the German Museum, where I hope to see Carl von Linde’s original refrigeration (Air Liquefaction) equipment (I hope to be able to see some kind of demonstration if I get there in time).

Wifi courtesy of the San Francisco Coffee Company, outside the Odeon Square here in Munich (3.90EUR for a whole day of wifi access on some kind of reasonable ADSL connection – they heavily advertise Apple Airport Extreme Wireless APs too but I don’t think that hardware actually supports a hotspot type pay-per-use arrangement, perhaps it does support RADIUS or something though? It’s probably done at the head end if this is actually running on one of those units).


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