Sunday, 23 January 2005

Someone found my first geocache, GCMJCN this morning. That’s cool, I only just listed it, having finally put it in place last week. I had been meaning to place it since last December but had to find a time when there weren’t geomuggles around to take it.

Sitting in SFCC at Odeon Square again (moved out to the back to get power, found a SuSE user guy sitting next to me just now when I saw the Chameleon out of the corner of one eye – my day pass from yesterday is still working even though I bought another. At 3.90 EUR it is really good value wifi here – take note Starbucks – this is how to get people to sit in a coffee house all afternoon). Trying to do some work now, having spent a substantial amount of time in the Deutsches Museum yesterday afternoon – wow is all I can say to summarise the place.

At the German Museum, I saw everything from Carl von Linde’s Air Liquiefaction equipment (demonstrations only available by booking two weeks in advance or for school parties and special group excursions) and the insides of a Rootes pump in the Physics section, to Astronautics (including actual spacecraft, rockets, and the like) and even a UNIVAC and Cray I in the Computer Science section. I’ve taken plenty of photos but since I’m using the PCMCIA socket on this Powerbook for wifi, I’ll upload them sometime later, probably when I’m back in the UK. Anyone reading this who does go to the German Museum should note that only the post-1960s sections tend to have substantial English translations of text – I couldn’t read most of the information in the Physics section because it was sparse and in German, and the nice chap I asked about it apologised for not speaking much English (that’s not his fault). The Technology sections and anything recent obviously had at least English available as an option (but I did not notice any audioguides or headsets on offer – though the lady in the ticket office was English!).

Just over a week until I’m in Ottawa. I should go skating one evening for practice.



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