Sunday, 30 January 2005

Got up, felt crap yet again. A bit better later on though. Finally got a couple of articles in and I’m now finishing off this month’s Kernel Hacking so rest of the folks at LU&D have it for tomorrow. Tonight, we went to John Nike Leisuresport Bracknell, and I tried skating for the first time. I don’t think I did too badly when all things are considered using some level of mystic consideration, but I’m not a natural skater. I can probably just about make it around a rink without holding on at this point – so it’ll be interesting to try the real deal in Ottawa during the coming days.

Daniel advertised our trip to klug in Kingston (I wasn’t subscribed to that list – fixed now – probably in part because their list shares the exact same name as the Kent LUG here in the UK, so now consequently that will necessitate some further level of organisation of my mail folders), I am debating about asking fellow oclug members if they want to join us on the road to Boston LinuxWorld – we’re working out what space we have right now. Certainly the trip has a prospect of being interesting and I’ve never done a proper “road trip” so this will be one of those things I can chalk up and cross off the list of stuf to do before whenever.

I’ll hopefully be updating this blog during my trip and should have some photos to add to the gallery and link from here if there’s good connectivity for uploading them. Probably going to take bits of the duck with me so I can work on that in the evenings – still haven’t got all the serial communications working properly and I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t easily discern activity with a simple LED wired up to RX1out on the MAX233 I’m using (I have several 232s and a 233 for cheating when I just want to be sure I got it right – still the 233 is annoying because you do have to hookup the internal charge pumps within it – the Dallas parts look a lot better from the point of view of plug ‘n’ play). Next I need to wait for Denk or someone to have a decent form factor board with host USB.

I was reading a little about Firefox plugins and using XUL as a consequence of discovering bugmenot (an excellent tool for those reading the New York Times or similar websites who don’t want to have to give them “free registration” information for pointless reasons) and discovered about:config as a mechanism for setting parameters. I wonder if the people behind the Mozilla Foundation (e.g. Gerv) could setup an alias.

Tomorrow I had better get emergency remote access to work related stuff sorted in case I need to hack on something while I am away.


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  1. Philippe says:

    Jon, be glad that you are not playing with a MAX232. You also have to connect extrenal caps then. So the MAX233 is already an improvement :-)

    PS: Can you tell me which Dallas parts you are talking about?

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