Friday, 28 January 2005

Visited Monta in Bracknell. Was over 20 minutes late but didn’t mean to be – I need to get a car so I can not have to do the waiting around for trains thing. Tried getting the Monta phone number from directory enquiries, but with no success. Tried calling Business Exchange only to find there was no listing for their Bracknell office in BT directories either. Laptop battery went flat. Bah. Annoying.

Felt really shitty later on, ended up having to lie down for a few hours to avoid being sick. Nice.

Currently trying to do everything I was going to do earlier on today. Ended up on #kernelnewbies until gone 03:00 discussing ioremap_nocache vs. ioremap with someone who wanted page protection bits (cacheability control) explained in some detail. Figured out that they wanted vmalloc_to_page to convert the ioremap address to a valid struct page in order to check it was mapped correctly (they wanted to verify).

I checked Air Canada prices for Ottawa during 2005. Prices begin to go up in a few months, rising to 580GBP for Linux Symposium, but I could perhaps afford to go three or four times this year, if necessary. Looked at various boots today too, but the Schuh shop I went in to didn’t have the temperature rating for Timberland boots (FWIW the guy in the store was helpful and did find a sheet with quite a large amount of information aside from that which I was actually seeking) and another shop had boots expensive enough to affirm the need to wait until I am actually in Canada.


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