Oktoberfest Hannover

Photo: Oktoberfest Hannover (photo uploaded to wikipedia).

I went to the Oktoberfest in Hannover last night. This is inspired by the famous Munich fair and is pretty good in its own right. There is an interesting mix of beer, rides and other attractions – and lots of different kinds of food. I rode some dogems (bumper cars), went to the funhouse, a hall of mirrors, and various things I never actually got around to doing when I was younger for whatever reason (though I’ve been on bumper cars). The beer was pretty damn good, as was the live entertainment which was laid on and the event probably is very suitable for family visitors (as they had claimed). There seemed to be some security on one of the biergartens but I don’t know if that was caution, keeping out underage drinkers, or whatever else it might have been about.

Photo: Live entertainment in one of the biergarten tents.

Looks like the Germans are considering having the government go half and half – one election “winner” gets to have 2 years, then the other does. Ok. I wonder if that could work in the US too – Bush could get two years to fuck everything up as much as possible, then the Democrats could have two years to try to undo it all. Ultimately they’d get nowhere and all would be good. In fact, one could extend this to most countries where there are two strong political parties and use it as a new model to keep government from doing damaging things (like passing many laws designed to inhibt my personal rights and freedoms to walk down the street without being unlawfully detained for 90 days, for example – thanks, Westminster, for being fucking stupid).

Photo: Bored? Lonely? Why not head to your nearest McCafe!

I can’t decide what’s more wrong: a McCafe, a McWalk (literally a walkthrough service) or a McClean (take a shit in a McToilet). Views on a postcard.


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