On Upgrading firmware, getting fit, joining a community

So, I pushed out a trivial one line patch that introduces MODULE_FIRMWARE as a kernel API. If it (or something like it) is accepted, then we’ll be able to have drivers announce which firmware files they require rather than just hope they’re around at runtime. Most people seem to think this is a good idea, though one or two complain that this only helps modules. We’ll see.

I joined Fitness First today, forking out £65 ($115 US) of “we don’t charge a joining fee, but we have a startup fee” and roping myself into a regular monthly contribution. But hey, at least now I can (in thoery) go down to the gym on a morning/afternoon and burn some chocolate/whatever. Seriously, working from home means I really should do something like this to keep myself fit and active – I don’t have enough energy right now and it’s not all down to the virus that’s knocked me off kilter.

Finally, I started using gale after contemplating it for a while. Right now, I’m jcm@printf.net while I wait for the keys for printk.net to get signed and returned – we’ll then have a gale server on dmesg too for printk people. It’s an interesting community and the technology is somewhat different from other IM.


P.S. Apparently I have a virus, so there’s nothing they can do except tell me to come back in a week if I don’t feel better.

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