Queen will never give up the ghost

According to BBC Breakfast news this morning, the Queen will never abdicate from her role as pointless monarch. Why should she? I mean, the King or Queen has historically been given carte blanche by God the almighty (in some kind of mumbo jumbo fashion) to do whatever they feel is right. And everyone in this country drank the koolaid so thinks this is perfectly fine (hint: the US had a point when they created their alternative system).

I particularly love the interviews they’re running with many misguided people who marvel at the Queen’s life and reflect upon how special she is. Yes she is special, special because she was born into the job. i.e. required no qualifications and was completely unelected by any of us. And she’s free to continue until she feels like giving up or dies. Then one of her equally pointless offspring will take up the valiant banner and continue the quest.

It’s not that I don’t think the Queen has a sense of humor (she did stand on the balcony of the Old State House and read the declaration of independence in 1976) it’s just that I think her job is redundant, deprecated and should have been removed long ago. The only viable option in any sane society is to have fully elected officials. Elected. As in, I voted for them (or not) but there should be no option for magical births into special jobs. Yes, the wealthy are often born into likely positions of future power but they still (at least in theory) need to get elected by some regular person. Yes, I’m bitter, no I don’t want to be the King.


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