I’m shocked

According to the BBC, it is claimed that the “Vatican may relax condom rules“. According to the former Archbishop of Milan, using condoms where one partner has HIV/AIDS is “a lesser evil”.

Well, I’m surprised. Right after I said I’d ignore the Pope until he said something constructive about condom use for AIDS victims in Africa. I never thought the Vatican would enter the 20th centuary, let alone the 21st. I also don’t believe they’ll actually go forward on the right path – but I hope I’m wrong about that. What’s next, female priests? Married to male priests? (shock, horror!).

What remains to be seen is whether they’ll publish a report and then silently ignore it, or adopt a more pragmatic position and help people in some of the most afflicted parts of Africa. They could even have those sea planes that go out to try to convert people and tell them God will forgive them (but without helping to avoid infection) carry a few million condoms too.


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  1. Philippe says:

    But what is the use of a condom if the harm is already done? Of course it might avoid spreading, but it would be nicer if infection could have been prevented…

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