Another firefox rant

Ok. I know my usage of firefox doesn’t confirm with the norm. I usually have 5-10 open firefox windows and each of those might have 5-10 (or more) open tabs, and I usually keep the damn thing running for several weeks at a time. This might not be normal, but it used to work just fine. These days, I’m having to override the caching behavior on every damned install.

In fact, even that isn’t good enough. Firefox suddenly likes to use more memory than it has in the past and it’s pissing me off. So this laptop doesn’t have a gig of memory – it’s “only” got 512MB, but firefox shouldn’t be causing me to contemplate physically upgrading the memory in my machine. Come on guys, fix that memory footprint problem in post-1.5. It just sucks.

Thrasy thrasy goes the box…


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