Arrogant Worms

So I went along to the Arrogant Worms concert in Southampton last night. It was a real blast – fun music, cool crowd. I sat on a table with a bunch of cool cats from the Isle of Wight who are almost as into the band as I am. We knew the lyrics to every track (which I think surprised the band, despite an apparent fantastic reception elsewhere in the UK) and the others had even brought a tub of vaseline with them – there’s a silly song about Celine Dion that has a line about it, was funny when they actually did sing that song. The band took my request to sing the Last Saskatchewan Pirate and finished up with that, after being asked for the usual encore.

I stayed in a Premier Travel Inn. Typical mediocrely-bad British hotel experience – disgustingly bad breakfast (that they charge you 7GBP for – worse than the Westernized breakfasts I had in Mumbai) comprised from stoggy mushrooms, baked beans and almost-reasonable egg, with yesterday’s croissants and finished up with reheated coffee.


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