Flag Waving

Ever get that feeling that you just need a rediculously fucking large flag for no particular reason? If I’m going to ever really fit in the US, I’ll need to get more into the flag waving thing (and you Canadians are no better when it comes to having twenty miniature flags where one discrete flag would do). To me, it makes a lot more sense seeing random flags everywhere in the US (than in the UK) since the flag helped to define and build the country, it forms part of the pledge of allegiance (to the flag) and has had a profound effect on the country in history. That doesn’t stop me laughing when I see Uncle Sam fire hydrants complete with flag.

It’s unfortunate that Wallmart America has gotten into the flag as a marketing tool – go check out your nearest car dealership in the US, you’ll find a bazillion flags on the building, grass, anything that’s vaguely nailed down… shopping malls are the worst places for flagitis, but it’s pretty much overdone as much as possible in consumer-facing settings (because if you stick “patriot” in a product name and slap a flag on it, you’ll unfortunately sell more of $product – even if it’s actually made in China by staff that work 25 hours a day in crappy conditions…). We use flags in this country too – but mostly as a football related marketing gimmick. Anyway, rant about abuse of the flag for modern day marketing aside, back to the point…

So I decided to order one. A hand made US flag of the kind you stick on a large pole. It’s not of the $3000 variety that they also sell – for those who just need to cover the entire side of their building in the largest flag ever made. I’ll hopefully have it in time for the July 4 events I’ve been invited to in London. This is the point where my sister finally disowns me. Finally, for historical ironists everywhere, this one’s made in the UK (Wales, I believe, but interestingly most of the England flags are made in China…) :-)


Update: I do realize the hypocrisy of wanting a giant flag and moaning about flagitis. But the point here is that I’m criticizing the number of flags that are used and the commercial exploitation of the flag for marketing purposes. That’d be like me slapping a US flag on a Tux and setting up a Patriot Linux distribution, or something. I’m sure it’d sell…

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