4th July, baseball, other Americanisms

It’s the 4th July next week. I’m going to be hanging out with some friends in London to celebrate. In fact, I’m going to be in London for a picnic this weekend to celebrate Canada day too – check out the Canadian embassy for more information about Canada day. I just think it’s really cool that we can all come together and not particularly hate one another, in spite of the history there. And yes, I was invited to participate.

I was watching the Boston Red Sox playing last night on channel 5 at around 3am (having never really considered channel 5 useful for much). I’ve decided to go and see a game next month, if I can book a ticket – it’s looking a little tricky if the website is to be believed, but maybe I can pick up a ticket somehow (any of you Bostonians got suggestions?). It was pretty random that I ended up watching that, but I had just gone all the way to Bournemouth to spend 10 minutes on the beach at 1am (random road trip, option of a ride was there, I wasn’t doing anything much by 11pm when we left…) and ended up watching TV when I got back until I fell asleep. The cool thing is, next year I can drive to New York or similar places when I get bored and restless, especially on weekends.

Aside from watching baseball last night, I caught a little 24. I’m now getting very annoyed with that show. The plot is crappy and the technobabble utterly shite and unbelievable (did you forget to “update your protocols”? What about your databases? Oh no! Not the database!) – but that’s only true if you think about it on any level or can see through their technoshite. Anyway, I got bored and used the plot spoiler on wikipedia to find out what happens at the end of the series. I was otherwise spending the last couple of nights watching too much of that crap – it’s addictive crap, even though it is utterly crap. Like I expect crack would be.

Amazon should be furnishing me with a Dummies guide to baseball shortly. I’ve played a long time ago but decided that a necessary part of living near Boston is to understand the mechanics of the game. This is unlike football (which I also understand and have played in the past) because I’m actually interested in playing from time to time :-)


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