I made that

So I just noticed that Oxford Instruments have announced that the MQC Quality Control NMR system runs Linux. There are various photos.

Anyway, I helped to design the hardware platform(s) and was in charge of porting the Linux kernel and userland for that device. Heck, I even wrote the firmware and bootloader. I spent quite a lot of my working life on that product for a while and found some very nice kernel/processor bugs in the process. Of course, that was a while ago now that we did the original R&D but I enjoyed working on it and I haven’t been able to talk about that product until now (but now it’s public, clearly I can mention that it exists!).

I won’t talk about the technical details or anything that’s not been published already, but suffice it to say that I learned a lot about NMR while working at that company and enjoyed working with such amazing people (they know who they are) on projects like the MQC. Unfortunately, the acquisition didn’t result in the same challenge for me personally, but I hope they use Linux in more future projects.


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