Montreal prepended OLS Itinerary

Booked tickets for Montreal. Here’s the current itinerary:

  • Jul 12 LHR -> IAD -> BOS
  • Jul 16 BOS -> YUL
  • Jul 26 YUL -> BOS
  • Jul 26 BOS -> IAD -> LHR

I still want to do something on the weekend before OLS. Obvious options include visiting New York for the day Saturday or trying to catch a game at Fenway Park, if some tickets magically appear from somewhere.

Total cost was just 50GBP more than a direct flight to Ottawa. Never let it be said that the airlines aren’t out to screw you for as much as they can – but at least this way I can get a lot more value out of the trip than I would otherwise. I’ll be in Montreal in time for lunch on the Sunday. Hopefully we’ll then utilize pedal power to get to Ottawa, but I’m prepared to take a train if necessary.


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