Anti/Pro Americana?

Let’s clear this up…

I am not now, nor have I ever been “anti-American” nor necessarily “pro-American” in the way that people would like to think I might be. I have believed for a long time that the US has a very flawed foreign policy, that the Republican party is extremely damaging to the country as a whole, that modern day isolationism doesn’t work and that Canada’s previous Liberal government made a number of much more enlightened decisions than their neighbor (which I expect Harper’s Conservative government to screw up as quickly as possible). I am, however, very much pro the reasons for the founding of the United States and the ideology underpinning the whole thing, I just feel that there are a few bad apples trying to ruin it. But the same is true of most western[ized] countries.

Actually, I’ve been remarkably consistent in my geopolitical views for a long long time (there’s more than one reason for the blue theme on this blog…), it’s just that interpretation will inevitably follow whatever I choose to talk about. If I decide to write about how I think Independence was a good idea then I’ll be accused of being “pro-American” by some people. But if I decide to criticize the Iraq war as an unjustified conflict retrospectively relabled as a liberation excise to calm those with short memories (as I have done many times), then the inverse will be deemed true too by some people. Most people have a mixture of views on different subjects, not always in line with one overall viewpoint or another.


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  1. barbobot says:

    screw what people say. I am pro american. that doesnt mean that I like everything america does. Infact it probably means just the opposite, I love my country enough to point out its mistakes and try to fix them.

    screw labels anyway.

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