I’m now the official maintainer of module-init-tools and am looking to get more folks involved with future development. There’s a mailing list, there’s a wiki, there’s a lot of interest in getting various patches moving forward.

One of my first key interests is in adding configuration file support to tools like depmod so we can dynamically alter the priority of “extra”, “updates”, “weak-updates” and other directories under /lib without having to have lots of per-distro patchsets in place. We also need to get some of the non-intrusive vendor patches upstream and generally have a code cleanup (there are a few obvious memory leaks from just looking at the list handling code in depmod alone).

Further out, there’s an interest in allowing greater integration with udev and expanding the functionality of modinfo. If you have useful ideas, please check out that website and mail me suggestions. If you have a kernel project that you’d like to host on kerneltools.org, please also drop me an email – the wiki is easy enough for you to just add projects anyway.


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