I bought my first WRT54GL last week. It arrived, I briefly marvelled at how well it was packaged, then turned it on, shoved OpenWRT on it and all was well. Now that’s what I call a cool Embedded Linux device. Not only does it run Linux, but it’s also flexible and very very hackable. Definately not the D-Link ADSL-cum-crappy-modem that’s now sitting in the corner looking very unhappy with the world, in a few pieces.

In fact, I’ve decided that the best thing I can do to help my parents out with connectivity is get a el cheapo Conexant firmware based DSL router and have it bridge all external traffic through to this blue box. That’ll give me the flexbility to setup port forwards for them, to setup VPNs and video conferencing but without having to use anything other than this yummy Linksys goodness to achieve all of that. Linksys rock.


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