Wordpress 2.0

So I upgraded Wordpress after playing with themes and deciding I’d get more mileage out of doing that. I’m experimenting with widgets as an alternative to the sidebar hacks that often appear in wp blogs. Let me know what you think…


5 Responses to “Wordpress 2.0”

  1. jcm says:

    Oh, and there’s a nifty AJAX comment plugin so you can have fun replying…

  2. Really? How is it nifty? It looks the same as before.

    I like the plugins :-)

  3. Ah; Now I see – that’s cool.

  4. Rob says:

    Can we?

  5. mrben says:

    Personally I think that Wordpress is an excellent platform for a website, blog or not, and 2.0 was a significant upgrade from 1.5. Hope you find the same :)

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