UK – Leaving Party

I’m thinking about having a little gathering before I leave the country at the end of the month. Depending upon the level of interest, I’ll either try to book somewhere or not. Anyway. If you’re interested in meeting up then send me an mail with some idea of when over the next few weeks you would be around.

Alternatively, I’m also visiting parts of the country in my spare time. Next weekend, I’m at the EMPEG meetup in Cambridge (with Mr MightyMouse) but aside from that, I’m more or less around on weekends. I’m back in the country to give a Masterclass at LinuxWorld London in October, but let’s try to have a leaving party before I actually leave. My preference is for London as a central venue.

Oh, new category on this blog “Living in the US“.


2 Responses to “UK – Leaving Party”

  1. dsaxena says:

    hmm…i wonder if it would be crazy of me to fly over there for your going away party. ;)

  2. jcm says:

    That’d be insanely fun! :-)

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