Beta –

I’m testing out Asterisk at the moment. got updated with the appropriate SRV records and so in due course, you’ll even be able to call me at Meanwhile, if you’re in the UK and feel like helping me test this puppy out, call me at +44 118 3218364 and leave a message – funniest one wins a mention (or just call my UK mobile number and it’ll redirect you whenever I don’t answer the call).

The service is running on a virtual machine at the moment, which causes some issues getting realtime playback, so you’ll occasionally notice glitches. I’m working on two possible solutions to this:

  • mlock()ing asterisk in memory and hacking with the VM.
  • or moving the setup onto a Xen DomU once we sort out one of our colo machines.

I’ve got a US SIP provider doing a vanity number search for me at the moment and I need to write a few more scripts. Eventually, I’ll have one UK and one US number of preference that I’ll publish. Calls will automatically redirect to my geographical location using a variety of services with a fallback to emailing me a voicemail message. All part of making it easier to reach me both now and in the future. Don’t say I never answer the phone!


P.S. Family and close friends can optionally get an extension on my PBX. If you’d like one of these (presumably to call me more easily/cheaply) then send me mail.

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