US Midterms – Fox on Stem Cell Research

So I was just watching a Michael J Fox political advertisement on behalf of Missouri Senator candidate Claire McCaskill (YouTube rocks). In the years since Back To The Future, Mr. Fox has been diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s and is now at quite an advanced stage. He’s one of a growing number of Hollywood celebrities who do more than just making headlines but actually do something useful – in his case speaking out against certain right-wing nutjobs who try to side with Bush in damaging the advancement of science in the United States (while trying to dumb-down the populous overall).

Like many sane people, I believe in the great potential of Stem Cell Research as a means to developing new cures to debilitating disease affecting millions of people. Yes, we need controls and processes in place to ensure a high standard of research – and we need to find more sociopolitically acceptable ways to obtain research stem cells – but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get caught up in religious debate when it comes to advancing the state of scientific knowledge. Psuedo-religious crap has no place in politics anyway.

It’d be a nice side-effect of Bush losing his grasp over Congress if there were a little more sanity in areas such as these.


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  1. Ron Mosbacher says:

    Jon, for such a smart guy, you make a very unintelligent argument. No one on the right is opposing stem cell research. I know that is what the left and the media are portraying, but you know as well as I that that is not the case. All real advancements in stem cell research have come from adult stem cell research, not fetal stem cell research. I challenge you to show me one real cure that has come from fetal stem cell research. The right is opposing fetal stem cell research because it involves the harvesting of babies for scientific research. You can laugh all you want, but it is the belief of many that life begins at the fertilization of the egg. You should stop trying to portray the right as being opposed to stem cell research because you know that is not the case.

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