Queen’s Speech

I was just catching up with the BBC News website, when I noticed that the Queen’s speech was today. This is an antiquated and pointless “speech” by the unelected Queen in which she reads from a script given to her by the (outgoing) Prime Minister of the day. She is obligated to read it from a first person perspective and make whatever outrageous statements that the government feel are justified for the next year.

I’ll go through the specifics of the speech when I have time, but I did notice that, yes, they have decided 2007 will be another year in which the British government won’t be bothering about basic human rights in favor of introducing yet more damaging and controlling legislation to keep tabs on the little people who elected them. Specifically, they’re going to push ahead with the following sheer folly:

  • Identity Cards. Yes, they really do want to force you to carry a plasticated card with a unique serial number, your inside leg measurements, sexual preference, side of the bed you get up on and whether you’ve recently criticized the UK government. It’ll be stored in the “UK Wankerbase 9000″, a giant government information system.
  • They can now forcefully evict you from your own home if you are anti-social. Anti-social behavior will now include speaking out against the folly of the British government and the fundamental failings of their entire system of governance.

There was various other horse shit in there, including yet more HM Department of Vague Paranoia (The Home Office) propaganda about the need to assume everyone is a criminal, outsource more of the HO to private enterprise and the need to write into a law a provision that Reid is not responsible for anything that goes wrong – that was all Mousey’s fault, and if that doesn’t work they can blame Blunkett and Straw.

Message to Blair: Orwell called, he wants your input on a new book.


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  1. clc says:

    Somewhere in this entry there’s a fact. Who can spot it?

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