More apartment photos

Photo: My Living Room

I had a housewarming last night. I’d gotten my work done preparing this place just in time – worked through the night on Friday and all day Saturday unpacking boxes. But it was good to hang out in my own place – and kudos to cjb, mad, andyo, Konrad, pjones, and everyone else who came along to drink beer and hang out for a while. Afterward, I took the T to Park Street with some of the guys, with a view to seeing the Bond movie but that was sold (yes, even at midnight) so I wound up seeing Fast Food Nation. And that was a great movie – totally convinced me I could never eat mass produced meat even if I did eat meat (which I don’t) just because of how they treat the cattle and the workers who process it. It’s just a movie, but it’s got a basis in fact.

Anyway. I’m playing with AirTunes, listening to random 80s pop and slacking off for a while writing blog entries. My espresso machine is working again (on a very large transformer) so I expect I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee tonight.


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