UK to fingerprint everyone

Earlier, the UK announced plans to flush itself down the toilet. Thanks to new government hysteria, you now won’t be able to walk down the street without police stopping and fingerprinting you. It’s already impossible to have a quiet drink in a pub without giving away your identity at the door but now they need to update the HM Wankerbase 9000(TM) with more life history.

And they don’t even see the police state coming.


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  1. clc says:

    Another case of you only reading a headline.

  2. To be fair to this idea, they had a Policeman on BBC news this morning and he said that the fingerprints were taken, used to verify the identity of the person who has been stopped and then discarded (i.e. NOT stored in anyway). If this is truly the case, then I am actually in favour of the scheme, as the other point raised by the story is that 60% of people when stopped by the police will give a false name!

  3. Rob says:

    Amongst the fingerprint scanning that is not recorded, and your use of the word hysteria in a sentence with a hysteria-filled second half, I really can’t find any mention of toilets anywhere. Disappointing.

    I liked the part at the end of the BBC article where the civil liberties protester basically says: “The only thing protecting our civil liberties now is the law!!?!11eleven”

  4. Carl says:

    Actually I think you will be able to walk down the street without being fingerprinted. I guess the trick is to not break the law, giving the police a reason to stop you and take your fingerprints.

    I dunno though, maybe I’m missing something.

  5. Ross says:

    I can enter a pub without giving away my identity, too. Perhaps you’re entering wrong?

    Also, have you considered getting a job at the Daily Mail?

  6. Jaed says:

    Isn’t it the USA which requires you to swipe your ID at the entrance to a bar…? How’s life going there…?

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