So I bought a TV…

Photo: Living room (part 2).

So I bought a TV. I managed to live for almost 4 months without one, but I finally caved and bought one last weekend. On Friday, I committed the heinous crime of getting Comcastic(!) digital Cable with a DVR (PVR, whatever you want to call it today…). Anyway, I admit that I’ve watched way too much TV already but am now totally sold on the DVR/PVR/MythTV concept since I’m able to join the modern age and just “tivo” all the shows I care about. I already re-watched that Bill O’Reilly segment on Colbert just a few too many times…and discovered how to keep such recordings around for the next time I feel guilt at indirectly paying News Corp.

Next step is to hook this up to a PVR of my own or figure out a way to pull the raw feeds off this box without modifying it. Comcast’s “on demand” streaming TV (doubt it’s actually IPTV, but it’s a similar multicast-like on demand streaming concept, I’ll bet) is a nice touch. I can get hundreds of free movies and control playback just like with pre-recorded shows.


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  1. Sara says:

    hey Jon, sorry about the phone dying/dieing (ugh spells). Would be great to see you.


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