Always eat your own dogfood…

I recently completed the final transition necessary to declare my home an entirely Fedora-enabled zone. I now have FC6 or Rawhide on my desktops and laptops. I’m still deciding whether to go with CentOS, Fedora Server or something else on my future server installs. It’s only by ensuring I 100% eat my own dogfood that I can be more effective at developing for it. Once you kill yum-updatesd, things get more fun :-)

Yes, I’ll be at FUDCon Boston this weekend (well, not all weekend – I plan to procure some mediocre warm beer, potato chips and a large foam hand in time for Sunday’s game…woooo yeah!).


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  1. JCM says:

    Found your site while checking seach results, hello from a fellow JCM

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