Bush: $2.9 trillion mostly spent on FUD

The BBC have an article up on Bush’s penultimate budget (he can’t piss away money so easily after next year). No real surprises so far – I’ll do a little more digging into the finer points for my interest – in that he’s squandering billions on pointless wars while screwing the young and the old out of social medical welfare programs (Medicare) as a means to cut spending in order to avoid future tax hikes.

This is a followup to his laughable provision in his State of the Union speech to not tax those earning under $15,000 (those who already can’t afford healthcare and who won’t be able to) so that they can somehow find money to spend on getting healthcare when, in reality, they need the money for more immediate and essential provisions – healthcare is a luxary to many on very low incomes, one that we should provide as part of a fair and balanced democratic and advanced society.

But Bush isn’t a complete fucktard. No, he’s able to see that the books (he doesn’t read books, but let’s just assume he does for a second) don’t balance in the longer term. So he wants to cut federal welfare program spending in order to avoid tax hikes. Unwilling to allow sanity and reason to interfere (those tending to suggest that one less Iraq war could lead to universal healthcare) – the only solution here is an increase in taxation to provide for the needy – he’ll happily squander billions on fighting his daddy’s war, while ignoring the millions of his own citizens who face the more tragic immediate danger of poor education, disproportionate medical treatment for rich and poor and a widening gap in social classes within US society. But then, only sane people see these real problems.



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  1. Pete Zaitcev says:

    You lost your marbles, my friend. I see no other explanation to the parroting of leftist propaganda which happens in the above article. I am about to try to inject a little dissent into your Bostonian echo chamber, then it’ll be your choice to hear it or not.

    For one thing, the Islamist war on the West was not Bush 41’s war. In fact, if Bush 41st was a bit less of a doormat and more like his son, we might’ve not even needed to obliterate Iran. Which seems pretty inevitable now, more the pity.

    Also, Bush’s tax cuts made tax receipts to hit all time high, and deficit shrinking rapidly. And you want him to [ask the Congress to] increase taxes? Please. If that happened, all those needy would receive LESS money, not more. Of if we turned the knob, they’d receive MORE useless cut paper, but it would’ve been worth LESS. Increasing taxes on “the rich” only hurts the needy, because it shrinks the pie from which we are all eating.

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