SV-200 vs. EV-204

Well, I’ve decided to buy an Electric Violin. I’d like something I can play all night long, wherever, whenever, however, without disturbing anyone. And the Yamaha violins look to be about what I want – I’ve had my eye on one of these puppies for a few years. The only question now would seem to be whether I want to buy the Acoustic-styled SV-200 or the post-modern psychedelic-colo[u]red EV-204.

Both seem to be very formidable violins with solid engineering behind them but beyond that, the SV-204 has two pickups and a conventional spruce/maple combination, whereas the EV-204 seems much more oriented toward the Vanessa Mae wannabe (though, importantly, it has a pickup under each string position on the bridge – all electric violins tend to use bridge vibration for pickup). I don’t look cute in a full length skimpy dress, so I’m not planning to try that any time soon (besides, I sound terrible too when I play in comparison to anyone – I’m under no illusions as to my playing abilities these days).

I need to decide. I’m also thinking about a keyboard/electric piano. If I do decide to get a piano, I’ll want one that can do MIDI and be used to notate via Rosegarden at the very least.


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  1. Sara says:

    I would imagine the following advice is very dated now as technology does move on a pace, but anyhoos: Clavinovas ( are good piano substitutes. As I remember they have proper keys (louder if you thump) and a whole lotta octaves plus they do all that electric piano shit. Although having looked at that link they are fecking pricey.

    Good luck man.


  2. Alexander says:


    I was just pondering over the exactly same thing, and stumbled upon your blog..
    After a bit of reading up on the net, I decided to just go to a shop and try the two models out myself..

    The SV-200 produces a sound that is very similar to that of a tradl. violin – it doesn’t come close to that of a Stradivarius however (NS Design are a step closer) – sounds pretty nice though..

    The EV-204 sounds more edgy, slightly electronic as it has a lot of active electronics built in..

    They are both exceptional e-violins at a good price.. I suggest you pick the one which is more appealing to you from the sound..
    Personally I’m inclined to choose the SV-200…but a friend of mine wants to get a EV-204, because he intends to use it for effects loops and accompanying his remixes..although he’s still a n00b at playing ;D

    Looking forward to seeing what choice you’ve made..


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