A weekend in Provincetown, MA

Photo: Commercial Street, in Provincetown, MA.

So I drove down to Provincetown, MA, on Friday night, with a friend of mine. We stayed in a lovely beachfront property right off the 6A highway, and I enjoyed seeing the Pilgrims’ first landing place, first hand.

We left Boston later than planned, as I had to get my car pre-insurance pre-inspection pre-pointless pre-photos taken at an auto shop (UK: garage) and decided I wanted to do that before going on another trip. But even leaving at 5pm wasn’t too bad as it turned out (the traffic on the two lane highway could have been much, much worse than it was) and we got into Provincetown, right on the tip of the Cape in time to enjoy the remainder of the provincial evening.

On Saturday, I headed downtown to visit Commercial Street, visit some galleries, have my protein juice smoothies, and some lunch. I saw some fantastic works of art, and enjoyed the highly colorful, highly tolerant atmosphere that P-town really represents. I was thinking about getting someone a birthday present, but decided the subject matter might be a bit too “liberated”. I did, however, pick up a very silly coffee sign for my office that my colleagues will likely whole-heartedly agree with me on.

Before we left Provincetown, we watched the sunset over the ocean – this is the only place on the East Coast where you can really experience a sunset, now all I need to do is find a good sunrise location on the West Coast that is similarly against the grain, and watch that too ;-) A visit to Plymouth Rock was obviously in order on the way home – sure, it was dark by then, but that didn’t matter – in order to complete the weekend Pilgrimage in some kind of style.


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