Dude. Where’s your iPhone?

So, people keep asking me where my iPhone is, or when I’m getting one. The truth is, right now, I’m not certain I will get one. I finally tried one out for the first time today…and I’m unimpressed. Apple have crippled it, and they’ve missed out obvious hardware, like the de facto GPS chipset everyone else and his dog has in their cellphone these days.

The iPhone is smaller than people like to rant about. Truth be told, it would fit nicely in my pocket (though I’m sure it would also be scratched *all* over in no time at all…definitely would require dedicated storage), and it’s not much bigger than my current cellphone…while distinctly thinner. But really, Apple, you’ve cripped it – it’s useless as a mobile device unless one can add software to it. I can’t see my terminal, my VPN client, all of these things – I’m sure some of these are present, but I sure as heck can’t add whatever I think is missing to it after the fact.

So, I will wait until it’s a bit cheaper, then get one to take apart and break beyond all repair in the name of undoing the crazy restrictions. It’s a frigging phone…just a phone…it’s not as if people can’t “restore” it, like they already can with the iPod (and, I’m sure you can with the iPhone anyway…Apple would be silly not to have a factory restore option) so I’d have taken the gamble and let people add apps to it. The real problem is, of course, that Apple don’t want you to screw around with it.

My iPhone will await a price reduction, then it’ll have an appointment with a screwdriver, and a BDI2000.


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  1. I’m hoping Apple will fix things with a few software updates.

    1) 3rd party applications. Yes, you can install webby widget things on the iPhone written in some XML, but that is hardly going to give me SNES9X, IRC, SSH, GPS Sports Tracker, Tomtom Navigation and Frozen Bubble in my pocket now is it?

    2) No IM, No iChat, No VoIP. “A breakthrough Internet Communicator”? I don’t think so.

    3) Bluetooth is crippled. Headset use *only*. Can’t send or receive pictures, MP3s or contact details over Bluetooth. Most annoyingly for a device that is touted as an iPod with up to 8GB storage that they encourage you to fill with music – no A2DP support. That means no wireless stereo audio streaming to Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth stereos, Bluetooth car kits. A lot of Sony Ericsson phones have this cool stuff now.

    4) No speech synthesis and voice recognition for real handsfree support. With a headset of a car kit it should say the name of the person who is calling. I should be able to say the name of someone I want to call and it will just dial. My Nokia does that.

    All that, but to be honest I still think its a great phone.

    The hardware itself looks amazing. Apparently its extremely scratch resistant and robust. Even with that huge high res screen, fast processor, 3 radios and a 3D chip the battery lasts a long time. It is really slim and beautiful. Every bit of the hardware is fabulous (better camera, 3G… I don’t care so much).

    Just wait for a few software updates.

  2. Wouldn’t you prefer a neo-1973 running openmoko, see http://openmoko.org/ and http://openmoko.com/

  3. clc says:

    “it’s useless as a mobile device unless one can add software to it”

    No it’s not. It’s a *phone*. What’s with this recurring stupid idea from otherwise smart people that a mobile phone needs to be a platform?

  4. Ahto says:

    I also agree that a mobilephone can/should be possible to buy just as a phone. It is problaby not good to your health if you can access your workpc from anywhere and anytime (etc etc)

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