Brave New Jon – The last vestiges of fat Jon

Photo: 5 black bags filled with clothes, donated to the Salvation Army.

So today, I donated 5 black bags filled with clothes to the Salvation Army in Cambridge. They can make more use of XL/XXL sizes than I can. I’ve also been remodeling my apartment recently, and have a few photos of where things are headed – I still think it’s a little bland in places.

Photo: What’s in your closet?

I now only own size medium (and a few size large that are small enough to get away with) t-shirts, shirts, and a wetsuit. I also have only size 30 jeans, trousers, and other clothing. In short, I’m not nearly as fat as I used to be back in March, when this project first started. There’s more to go, but there’s always more to be done, when it comes to diets.

Photo: An anthropologie of apartment ornamentation.

A visit to Ikea here, and a visit to Anthropologie there, and I have a few accents for the apartment – a little augmentation in the ornamentation. Once I have some giant photos of my family in Europe, I’ll add one or two more picture frames.

I’ve started playing with my B4 XO, but not much progress yet.


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  1. I hope there is a server in that closet (presumably keeping the clothes warm)!

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