Brave New Jon – clean apartment

Photo: Jon Masters, in his newly clean apartment.

So I’ve been cleaning and re-modeling my apartment some more, partly to distract myself (I’ve got a lot of stuff to finish, but I’ve been feeling sick) and partly because it just needed doing. This place is so much better than it was when I moved in, or when this self-improvement project first began.

Photo: Too much coffee.

I bought another coffee machine the other day – a filter coffee machine – having decided I spend way too much in Starbucks. So, I now have, in my kitchen (not counting spares…):

* an espresso machine
* a filter coffee machine
* several French Presses (UK: cafetieres)
* various other forms of coffee

I drink too much coffee (so says the sign I put up in my cube in the office), but everyone has a vice. I bought some tea strainers too – and other pretentiousness – in order to have greater variety, especially if I’m entertaining guests (who presumably expect me to have tea on hand).

Anyway. I finally feel like I’m “moved in”, and it’s only taken me the best part of a year to reach this point. I’ve got one room ‘o’ junk that needs to be sorted out – aka the study – but that will happen, because I’m much happier when the place is clean and tidy. I’ve finally realized this, after so many years of just not understanding the need for tidiness…as my dear beloved sister (and my friends) will attest to, when not asked.



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