Coolidge Corner Theatre – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox

So, I was moping around the apartment feeling a little crappy earlier when a few friends asked if I felt like joining them for dinner and a show, which as it turns out, I actually did. I also discovered that I now live around the corner from an old friend (congrats to her and her bf on their new appointments, and I hope they enjoy living in Cambridge), which makes for yet another British expat I know living around these parts.

I drove over to Grasshopper – a vegetarian restaurant over in Allston-Brighton – and ate a bunch of good food, without really violating my crazy diet, and then headed to the Coolidge Corner Theatre ahead of the rest of the group (Chris, Mad, Mako, etc.) – who swung by Sunset en route. Good thing I got there early too, as there were exactly seven tickets left for Dr. Bronner’s, and so I wound up buying all of them. It was a tiny theatre, but the show was fantastic – really an interesting documentary indeed.

Having seen this movie, I’m more inclined to purchase this soap, and go to Trader Joes in order to do it. I’m also highly interested in purchasing an electric piano, something I’ve been putting off, because I would really enjoy being able to practice and compliment my violin self-tuition.


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