Brave New Jon – East Coast Surfing, and random BU connections

Photo: A surfer, at Nantasket Beach.

So as usual, I headed down to Nantasket Beach at the crack of dawn this morning, in order to watch the sunrise and have my morning constitutional. I was earlier than usual, and got to meet more of the local surfing community.

It turns out that 5am is a good time to be at the beach. There’s nobody else there, and the waves look pretty enticing – enough that I’m now going to find a short board I can transport in my car and head down for some surfing before work, at least a few times before the summer is over. I enjoy taking a stroll along the beach, but the idea of jumping in the water and riding some waves before work is *really* appealing, especially on days like today, when it’s just going to rain.

One of the guys who was surfing took a break, and we had a chat about the conditions at Nantasket. He’s from Long Island and works in some kind of corporate events type of job – the kind of thing where you can just totally understand a need to surf before work. He had a short board, which inspired me, since it does seem to be almost practical now (I need to have something I can fit inside the car, which caps the length quite considerably). I was worried I’d end up just getting a wake board or a “Zap” board for space reasons.

While I’m rambling. Yesterday afternoon, I was in my current favorite coffee shop (Espresso Royale, on Comm. Ave.), taking a break from working on my laptop to grab yet another cup of coffee, standing in line. I hear a voice a behind me saying words like “modules”, “ELF”, and “kernel”. So I started listening some more. It turned out that the guy behind me was having a problem with module loading on Linux…so I turned and mentioned I was the module-init-tools maintainer, and we got talking.

The guy turns out to be another British expat, who moved here a long time ago, and is a faculty member in the CS dept. at BU. Fantastic. I’ve been trying to build bridges with those guys. So we talked about random stuff, had an amusing conversation, and then the topic turned to cars. He just bought a Mazda Miata MX5. This is where co-incidences start to get interesting – not quite the same colo[u]r, but also a GT, and so we had a great chance to BS about how much we both love our MX5s.


2 Responses to “Brave New Jon – East Coast Surfing, and random BU connections”

  1. Chris Saul says:

    Finally a positive post! Glad to see you’re enjoying the surf and the car.

    Any chance you’ll be at VMworld in September?

  2. Jon Masters says:

    I don’t think I’ll be at VMWorld. But I’ve not completely discounted the idea. I will be speaking a few times at Linux World in London, in October, however.


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