Most amusing line of the day – Alberto Gonzales

So I was catching up on TDS (The Daily Show, to anyone who doesn’t know – you can get an “international” version on CNN International outside of the US) and heard the Best. Line. Ever.

“I stand before you today, sincerely grateful for the many wonderful memories that I have as the Attorney General.”

These were the words of Alberto Gonzales as he stepped down from public office last week. He became famous for two things that I find equally shocking:

*). Not believing in the right to habeas corpus (or rather, not believing it’s a protected right in the United States constitution – whether he’s right or wrong, this was an outrageous thing to suggest as a means to counter criticism of the handling of terrorist suspects). Specifically much more an issue because he was the guy left out of the last State of the Union. Had something happened, this idiot would have automatically become the president of the United States. Actually worse than now!

*). Getting away with claiming he couldn’t remember numerous meetings and other events that had happened as he allegedly assisted in firings based solely on politicking. Alberto “I can’t recall” Gonzales had become a giant joke in office as a result, but Bush kept him on for some considerable time – probably because this helped to distract the public from various other shocking events that involve the administration. Or because he’s an idiot. Or both. Or, who knows. But it’s quite shocking.

Anyway. I love that line Gonzales came out with, that TDS kindly helped to draw attention to (Jon Stewart is a great personal hero to have! :P ). I’m sure they’ll find many more examples between now and January 20th 2009.


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