Human Rights Campaign – Massachusetts

So I recently joined the Human Rights Campaign, as a way of supporting the push to get equal treatment for the GLBT community. Yes, I am very much in favor of same-sex marriage, and generally a fan of equal treatment for all human beings on this planet.

I’m not motivated by religious belief (since I’m an atheist) and I’m not motivated by hate, discrimination, or fear (since I’m not homophobic), and I’m also as straight as they come (not that that matters either). I just wish more people would stop for a second and think to themselves whether they really want to undermine the original concept of the United States Constitution (a powerful document, written in a time before Murdoch and Faux News) as a tool and means for segregation and discrimination, or whether they want to use it as intended, and let people live their lives however they so choose to do so.

Locally, there is currently a bill before the State of Massachusetts to modify local hate crime laws, to redress the balance in treatment ( full text available at: ) of those within the GLBT community and I encourage readers to support actions such as these to the extent that they feel they are able to.


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