Boston Tea Party – 234th anniversary

Photo: Jon Masters, displaying Common Sense.

So last night was the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea party. I went down to the Old South Meeting House, and read some lines as a British “loyalist” (oh the irony…I’m far from it), in a pretentious British accent.

I’m fully aware that Common Sense wasn’t published until January 1776 (although somewhat disturbed that at least one of the folks in character costume did not know who Thomas Paine was – unless he was being highly historically accurate; Paine was unknown until he published said item) but I thought it was amusing to take a copy with me anyway. Afterward, I drank yet more tea, and went down to the Harbor to celebrate. Then, I had dinner at a little restaurant I like, and read some of Paine’s writings, over more tea.


2 Responses to “Boston Tea Party – 234th anniversary”

  1. clc says:

    No powdered wig?

  2. Jon Masters says:

    Oh, I have a wig, but it’s very itchy and annoying unless I really feel inclined :-)


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