Hussein is visiting

So, Hussein is going to be visiting the US for a week next month, and therefore we have been planning a little craziness over the Easter weekend.

Like all good friend’s visits, the first point of call is going to be New York (although actually we’re going to try to make this less touristy), and we’re going to meet up with some of the EMPEG hackers for the fun of it (maybe I’ll finally get convinced to actually hack up my MX5, maybe). We’ll hang out down there on “Good Friday”, but then are headed down to Florida for the weekend. We’ll hang out in Miami for a bit, but are then going down to Apple chipset land[0], Key West, for snorkeling. There must also be surfing, which obviously will need to happen in Miami. And probably protracted asthetical ornithology (a British pun[1]).

Ever since I saw True Lies again recently, I was reminded how much I’d like to be the last action hero type. Or just drive the Overseas Highway down to the evil badguy’s liar in the Florida Keys, which I guess will suffice for now. They actually blew up part of the old highway in making that movie (the bridges were being replaced – which is why you can actually see a second highway in the movie, if you bother to look at the screen, which makes for an inconsistency) – and the idea of picking up yet another stupid car and driving hundreds of miles over the ocean really does appeal to me. Not that I’m the type to go crazy in Hertz, obviously. Last year it was all about the Mustangs and MX5s. This time, I think it might actually end up being a Shelby, or, if I feel absolutely insane, a Corvette.


[0] For those who care (of which none of you do), Apple named a whole series of their PowerPC (the only Macs that ever actually mattered – none of these Wintel McMacs) chipsets after islands in the Florida Keys. Key Largo, Key West, and others. So it’s not just random parts of California that get used, folks, it’s other coastal places too.

[1] In British English, “bird watching” can also refer to an enjoyment of the female of the species, in her natural setting, especially on beaches. Why girls are referred to as “birds” is something a British social anthropologist can elaborate upon at some length the next time that I’m suffering from sleep deprivation.

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