Too much Terminator?

So you know when you’re watching too much Terminator, when you’re able to spot the little inconsistencies in the latest TV series. My favorite so far is last week’s episode, where Cameron (named after James Cameron? Director of the original?) de-activates a T-888 by removing its CPU, only for the camera to cut, and cut back to a closeup of her face, in which you can clearly see the “dead” terminator blink.


2 Responses to “Too much Terminator?”

  1. I’ve been watching Terminator: TSCC streaming on on Tuesday nights for a couple weeks now. I spot a few inconsistencies in every show, but as a “highly trained” Sci-Fi viewer I have learned to shrug them off quickly when they happen. I am so good at that maneuver that I can watch Lost without rolling my eyes. The Bionic Woman is another story though…

  2. clc says:

    Have you been watching that miniseries about John Adams on HBO? It’s right up your street.

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