Rant – Closing Times

So I was running late for my regular gym tonight (down to 159lbs, need to get down to 150lbs asap), and decided to go try out Boston Sports Clubs club out in Lexington. No midnight ride tonight, however, on a tangent, I had been at the Old North Church earlier in the day, giving a friend a tour of Boston.

I checked the time on the website before driving 40 minutes or more to get there (after all, there’s no point in driving somewhere you know to be closed), only to find the club closed when I arrived. The normal time of 11pm had become 9pm tonight. No mention on the website, and I checked that again from the parking lot on my iPhone before I left. A simple reference to modified opening hours would have been fine, even any mention that holiday hours might apply, or that I should never trust their web site and always call the club directly for any information, opening times, things one might find online.

It’s Memorial Day on Monday, so it’s understandable that opening times for many businesses are different this weekend…but it really annoys me when businesses expect a piece of paper in the window to magically inform everyone not to bother turning up. A hundred years ago, that might have been a good idea, but these days people use the mystical interweb, and company websites, in order to avoid driving to see window paper. It’s just a webpage, it can be updated very easily. I wish businesses would do that.

As davej would say (rather too often): FAIL.


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