Brave New Jon – Size Small

So I went to The Banana (Banana Republic) earlier and bought a whole bunch of small size crew t-shirts to begin to replace the medium sized ones currently dominating my wardrobe.

I’m teetering on the edge of being under 160lbs. Some days it’s 159, others it’s 160lbs, but I’m hoping to be well and truly down into the 150s within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I’m ramping up my preparation for the Presidential Traverse, later in June (I’m climbing 9 mountains back-to-back, in one day), the Grand Canyon being a warmup.

The funny thing is that I can actually get away with wearing a size small shirt now without looking too silly. Medium was starting to look a bit silly. I’ve also gotten down under a size 30 jean – I’m hoping to be a 29 soon. And I’m continuing with my healthy diet, filled largely with fruits, soy milk, and other vegetarian goodness. My PETA Vegetarian Starter Kit finally arrived, in time for me to start considering cooking more again.

Tomorrow, I’m hiking all 5 peaks of Wildcat mountain (A, B, C, D and E), an 8.5 mile hike in Northern New Hampshire. It’ll be the first hike without any big toenails – the second one finally fell off earlier today, to join the one that came off just before hiking the Grand Canyon.



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